Quality and Mercy

Sometimes I think about it … when my Easyjet flight is poised above the runway and about to land, for example. How would I feel, I ask myself, if this organisation was run by the Scottish Episcopal Church? Would I step on the plane? I think not.

Bit of that around at this week’s residential meeting of the SEC’s Information and Communication Board – an oxymoron in itself, you may think – in the Quality Hotel, Perth. Since four of the seven members present are bloggers, you and the high command of Quality Hotels may be interested to read the results here and here Welcoming angels unawares, I think. It was just dreadful. What is unforgivable is the tendency of the management to blame the customers – as John Cleese/Basil Fawlty used to say, ‘What do you think this is? A Hotel?’

If the SEC were to run a hotel, it would be shambolic. Lots of policy documents but no lunch. If you came to complain, we would be happy to talk to you endlessly about your feelings – so much so that you would forget what you came to complain about. If too many people came, we would shoo them away because we don’t do crowds or the mass [sic] market. But for all its shortcomings, it would be a friendly kind of place so that after a while you would start to forget that any other kind of life existed …


  1. Didn’t think I was being harsh, David! I don’t mind living within it although I do like to step outside for a breath of air now and again.

  2. Surely harsh +David, but sadly also true in places. Especially the bit about being in an institution that leads one to forget that any other way of life existed. Thank goodness for easyJet and Blogstead Na Mara in that case.

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