Room at the Inn

My hairdresser in Portadown -who came from Dundee – told me that Perth is the place where people who live in Dundee hope to retire.  So Perth sounds like one of those places which has no social problems…. which is where CATH [Churches’ Action for the Homeless] comes in.  They have been running a Day Centre for the Homeless for about 15 years now – and have been developing all sorts of workshop/rehab projects to try and give young homeless people a new start.  They say that the number of regular ‘rough sleepers’ around Perth has fallen significantly – but, if the number of economic migrants increases, I suspect that they will become much busier.


Anyway, we gave CATH a cheque today from our Lent Appeal – a great relief to be thinking about something other than our own problems!  And they greeted us with a barbeque prepared by some of their young ‘service users’  You try to do things for people and …