Cultural Clippings

Busy day on Saturday. My suggestion that the hawthorn hedge at the bottom of that garden might be left au naturel to provide a habitat for local wildlife fell on deaf ears. So it was ladder and snappers – and enough thorn to provide for our Good Friday Blogstead to Gallowhill Procession.

Then it was off to Glasgow where my neice Roisin and sister Helen were taking part in an unlikely exchange between the choir of Great St Mary’s, Cambridge, and the Backchat Youth Project from the Faslane Naval Base and the community at Helensborough. As always in Glasgow, we spent a while totally lost but did eventually arrive at Cathcart Old Church for the concert. No doubt about who won the prize in the ‘shake ma booty’ section – Backchat by a mile. The GSM choir sang with beauty and discipline – slightly muffled because the younger members were trying to read the new Harry Potter as they sang.

I did a little quiet research among the friendly members of the congregation afterwards … didn’t get around to Stewardship before it was time to go.