Putting a Face on it


So complicated life today.  Friends and admirers say that it is time I sorted out my profiles on Bebo and Facebook.  So I’ve started tinkering with it – which has had the unexpected parental benefit of enabling me to browse the party photos of all the junior members of the family.  But I’m a words person – like many of my generation.  So choosing a photo for my profile was too much – we settled in the end for this one of the day we sailed round the Fastnet Rock.  And the lighthouse is a faith symbol as well – or does it tell us other darker things about isolation or being all at sea or …


  1. Well – thanks very much David. First time I’ve been accused of being trans-anything! But I feel bit like the elderly who think about buying computers. ‘What is it for?’ they say. I feel a bit the same about Facebook et al. I’ve got by without it up to now.

  2. +David – I can’t believe you’re on the Beebs and Facebook! So transgenerational. My goodness – there was me thinking that the Bishop of Moray-elect was the only one!

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