One thought at a time

Another Thought for the Day this morning – frustratingly, as sometimes happens, the item before fitted exactly but I couldn’t invent a link on the spur of the moment.  It should have been about Imelda Marcos and the shoes.

Meanwhile, I note with some concern that I am becoming mainstream.  I watched Gordon Brown in Belfast yesterday getting in and out of an armoured Range Rover – so ‘last year’, don’t you think.   But the humble bike has been rehabilitated from the political oblivion to which it was consigned by Norman ‘on your bike’ Tebbitt.  Today’s aspiring politician – like Boris and David Cameron – is always interviewed with his bicycle.  It’s the new sandals – like Rowan Williams always wearing a black shirt.  I think I may get my Chaplain to wheel my Brompton behind me in procession.

You may also have noticed that today marks the 90th anniversary of the Royal Family’s change of surname from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor or Mountbatten-Windsor.  I’m always interested in how things change or don’t change.  Isn’t it extraordinary that an institution as firmly ‘woven in’ as monarchy could just quietly make such a fundamental change?  They may of course have simply been following the lead of the family of my paternal grandmother who changed their name in the same year from Bruichmann to Brookman.  If you wonder where my ‘clip board’ tendencies come from, look no further.  It does lead me to ponder whether a slight ecossification of my own might be in order – the still-debated sign at the end of the road might point to McBlogstead?


  1. Well, you can’t have Glen Eglais, but how about Strath Buachaille agus Bata? 🙂

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