Never look down

Fascinating cousins that Alison has.  John came over from Dublin yesterday to check out a horse.  I learnt all sorts of wonderful things about how to measure equine potential – horse assessment seemed to me about as difficult as the task of vocational discernment.  So maybe we could set up a multi-disciplinary session with our DDO’s.  And I’ve just been watching David singing in the Philharmonia Chorus in Beethoven’s 9th at the Proms – 4th row down and 19 across in the tenors in case you were asking.  Became fascinated by that too – wonderful people singing their hearts out in the Ode to Joy – all dressed simply in black which somehow made you more aware of characterful and lived-in faces.  And no music in their hands.  It makes a huge difference.  I’m a great believer in preaching without the script.  I write it and I bring it with me and sometimes I even preach it.

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