We’ve just had the second of a series of meetings across the diocese to look at our Strategy Document. It’s seems remarkable to me – about 25 came last night in Coupar Angus and another 35 in the Cathedral – as well as a meeting I had with Mothers’ Union Trustees. Life for some of our congregations is difficult but I find people both hopeful and delighted to be given hope and listened to. It’s very encouraging. I try to tell them that this is not about picking particular changes off the shelf and thinking that they will ‘do the trick’. It’s more a commitment towards growth, an inner buoyancy and trust which somehow oils the spirit-driven wheels of change and helps us to make the right choices.

Meanwhile here at Blogstead, our neighbour at No 3 [she-who-sleeps-between-two-bishops] is concerned that the newly-planted gardens will be eaten by the deer. She tells me that I must attach some gaudy and tinselly strips to the fence to discourage them. Or maybe I could just stand around in cope and mitre for a while?


  1. I am assured by those with more horticultural nous than I that lion dung (obtainable from a zoological garden near you) spread at the borders of the garden is most efficacious at repelling the attentions of the deer. However, a mitre and cope may work just as well.


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