Exam Weather

General Synod sort of looms up on the horizon at this time of year – with the same feeling of being locked up or locked away as I used to feel with summer exams.  I always find the inactivity difficult – clergy are, I think, used to moving from place to place as a way of keeping ahead of trouble.

Meanwhile the IT angst continues.  The printer is now working.  Mozy’s big download ran for 18 hours and then crashed within 90 minutes of the end.  They say it can be resumed if it is running within a download manager but that doesn’t seem to be so.  Time for an external hard drive as well as Mozy, I think.


  1. External drives are wonderful things. I love mine. They even sell kits so you can turn a hard drive from a PC whose motherboard died into an external drive. Which is exactly why I now have an external drive and a laptop instead of just a desktop.

  2. Sorry to hear about the backup failure. Mozy sounds great in theory but I use a backup drive. I reckon it’s better to have my data in a small metal box in my desk than to have it jostling around in a very big box in Idaho or wherever.

    Enjoy the Synod. I go for root canal treatment at about the same time and having suffered both in the past I’m not sure which is worse. Want to consider a swap?

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