Great to have the feet back on the ground today. We were in Kinross and suddenly found ourselves in a church awash with children. It’s a bit of a shock but a very welcome one. Our Diocesan Strategy makes a big fuss about the need to address the age profile of our congregations – and some of our churches are already very successful at working with children and their parents. One of the teenagers arrived and said that she had always wanted to wear a mitre – so that was the last I saw of it for a while. It was so big that it covered her head completely. Bamm Bamm – who knows about these things – tells me that there is a benign form of encephalitis which gives one a particularly large head. Unfortunately this does not mean that the internal spaces are filled by anything in particular.

Meanwhile over at Blogstead Emeritus, the servants are preparing for the return of +Bruce and Elaine from America later this week. I took a peep over the hedge and, so far as I could see, they were rolling the croquet lawn. One senses the coming of a few of those endless sunlit afternoons, Pimms, the gentle murmur of good conversation and the ‘thwack’ of mallet on ball.


  1. Vicious game – or so I understand – played by people who have no other outlet

  2. hmmmmnn…bishops and croquet…who’da thunk it? 😉

  3. I’m clearly not meant to be another blogging bishop. For my comment to this entry, please look at the previous entry!

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