IT angst

Well – we’re into heavy computer issues here at Blogstead.  The two of us in the house + Poppy require four computers, all of which must be functioning.  Tim our minder has concluded that the hard disk on the computer in the family room needs to be replaced.  So I’m hoping that all of our backups on are in good order.  Alison’s laptop has mysterious overheating problems.  That leaves only the desktop in the study and my laptop. Can we cope?  Can life as we know it continue?


  1. Sounds as if there is a ‘wise and foolish virgins’ dimension to this. I find that most things in life come down to this – or to Goldilocks or to Father Ted. I have laid up our photos on but it’s going to take a while to download them again.

    Having replaced hard disk and doubled the RAM, I’m left pondering the nature of the close relationship we have with this apparently random assembly of electronic components stuck in a box.

  2. Alison might want to make sure her laptop is not one of the ones that was involved in the exploding laptop battery safety recall of the past year.

    I have one laptop, purchased after the recall was issued, that follows me around like Mary’s little lamb and I have an external hard drive that I back up stuff on, plus several flash drives of various sizes. Additionally, even if there was a fire, almost all of my important family photos have been digitally scanned and uploaded to my Yahoo photo account.

    Happy Trinity Sunday!

  3. Unfortunately my computer has run into choppy waters as well- I switch it on, I get the Windows emblem then kaputt. Didn’t do the commonsense thing and back everything up either so I’m hoping they can resussitate it at the computer hospital (although I suppose the very presence of hope probably further illustrates my ignorance in these matters!)

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