Sad Day

News of the shootings today in America will stir deeply painful memories here – particularly in Dunblane.  The randomness, the lack of a cause .. makes the pain unimaginable.  I never look at the Cathedral without seeing in my mind the pictures of the funerals.  The community has moved on – but there is a strong sense of the deepest pain carried nobly and in private.  If you haven’t been, visit the standing stone memorial inside the Cathedral – it is simple, dignified and life-affirming.


  1. Welcome – but what an outrageous thought. Fresh Scottish air .. porridge in the mornings .. wee tottie in the evenings .. fresh breezes up the kilt. Above all – not running a parish. Younger every day.

  2. Hi David, our first visit to Bishop’s blog.Very interesting.James just wonders if the young photo has received a little air brush!!!!
    Hope you are all well,certainally from the messages life seems very good but busy.
    Will continue to read with interest, James and Helen.

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