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So this afternoon I found myself in the middle of the Eucharist which ends a Cursillo Weekend.  People kept sort of half apologising that I might find its exuberance a bit hard to cope with – if only they knew about  some of the more extraordinary worship experiences which lie in my past and, indeed, those from which one yearned only to be released.  Obviously a very intense experience for the participants and an amazing level of support from former participants – the 4th Day.  I told them about the rather devastating question put to me on the phone last night be one of my former colleagues, ‘David, do you still believe in Jesus?’  It was the ‘still’ that troubled me.  Does she think it stops at Episcopal Ordination?


  1. Looking forward to welcoming you back into the 4th day sometime in the near future.

  2. Sorry Grace – didn’t mean to flush you out like that. I’ve probably been reading too much Susan Howatch. I’ll have another go at the answer when we meet next month.

  3. Your sermon/address yesterday was very useful, and thank you for coming. I know what you mean about services that you would like to escape from. I was fortunate to be part of the team, and enjoyed the weekend greatly. Back in the real world now and trying to shine, and remembering that I do still believe in Jesus Christ and what He can do if I will let Him – Isla

  4. Dear Bishop David,
    Sorry to read about your ‘devastation’!
    I suppose what I was getting at (coming out of our conversation about falling church attendence) is whether the faith of the multitudes is a vital part of our own faith, or whether, if only 10 people were left in the world with orthodox belief in Jesus, whether that would call our own faith into question?
    You see where I’m coming from?
    As regards the ‘epsicopacy’ I imagine that such onerous responsibility as a Defender of the Faith, makes one even more compelled to believe in Jesus?
    It’s not that the Episcopacy changes that, it’s just that it might seem less of an option not to…..
    Thanks for all your other advice,

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