I note a slight reduction in SEC blogging activity this week.  We’ve all been busy this week and you reach the end of Holy Week with a familiar tiredness – more emotional and spiritual than physical, I think.  Tho’ there’s a bit of that as well

Today was encouraging – a great throng in the Cathedral this morning – lots of excitement and trumpets and incense – and this evening at a Choral Evensong in Dunfermline in a church which showed the signs of huge effort going into expressing the Holy Week story in flowers and collage and ..   As always, one tries to find the words


  1. John – mine is one of the names on the memorial. I think about the property prices quite a bit! I don’t think we’ll be retiring to Dublin

  2. Mark and I are very old and good friends – he even dragged me into CIYC (Church of Ireland Youth Council for those who might be reading and don’t know). Our Rector is away on holidays so he (being our Lay Reader) did the honours yesterday (Sunday). I seem to remember your name from my CIYC days or was it that yours was one of those names that came up a lot around then when I was on the exec (mid eighties)? As regards working Ireland out of your system – try thinking of the property prices a bit more often – that might cure you. John

  3. Hi John Good to hear from you. As you can see, I am attempting with singular lack of success to work Ireland out of my system! Give my regards to Mark Acheson if you see him

  4. Hi David, I very much enjoy your blog – keep up the good work. John Patten, St John the Baptist Church of Ireland Parish, Clontarf, Dublin.

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