Ministry and Arthritis

Spent some time today working with others on our processes for responding to and fostering vocation – and all the training and nurturing that belong with that.  Of all the things that I find myself involved with, I know that I find this the most difficult.  When somebody says with utter certainty, ‘I believe that God wants me to be a priest’ – and it doesn’t seem quite so certain to me – it’s difficult.  And as we become more and more aware of the need to think about the age profile of our future clergy, we begin to think about how we can encourage and engender vocation.

The arthritis, sadly, seems to be afflicting Poppy.  After her mouse hunt in the family room overnight, she suddenly seemed to be having difficulty jumping.  She did leap onto a fence and fall off the other side while I was washing the car on Saturday.  So the vet thinks she may have an injury or the onset of arthritis.  So after X ray and other excursions into expensive private medicine as befits a cat of her age and status, she is now much better thank-you.


  1. Tell Poppy that I send wishes for good health.

    By the way, have you had a chance to read the statements online from the The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops yet?

  2. I seem to respond to the strangest things on your blog, but did your vet tell you and Poppy about Metacam? It works. My badly arthritic cat seemed five years younger after a few days of taking it. You put drops of it onto her food — no battle of wills involved.

  3. This is truly shocking news, +David – surely you have people to wash the episcopal limousine for you?! I’m so glad the mighty Poppy is on the road to recovery.

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