Greener and Greener

It’s remarkable how political ideas and themes quite suddenly come of age.  So green issues have moved from the political fringes to mainstream debate between David Cameron and Gordon Brown.  And quite right too.  We’re busy dealing with all the moat issues – energy saving light bulbs and turning off the standby setting on the TV – while feeling helpless about the beam issues like our overall carbon footprint as measured in excessive numbers of flights and of miles driven.  But when you live in a rural area ..

Meanwhile, between us we have booked three flights with Flybe during the last three months.  The score so far is two flights cancelled and one delayed by nearly three hours.  Time to let the train take the strain – but those options are limited between here and Belfast.

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  1. And the train/boat just takes so long to get there…with the bus/boat being even worse.

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