Poppy – dental update

Poor Poppy.  Bad enough that she should be confined to the Born Free Enclosure following the recent dog fox episode.  Yesterday she had the long-delayed visit to the vet to have her teeth cleaned.  This involved a general anaesthetic for Poppy and a short but intense programme of counselling for Alison.  The vet – why do they all seem to be 14 years old – began with the comforting opener, ‘You know this involves an element of risk?’

Anyway, she arrived home in a fairly cross-eyed state but with her Colgate ring of confidence shining bright.  And by this evening, she was well enough to sit and watch the Shamwari programme.


  1. If they look 14 to you +David, imagine how young the police, doctors, nurses, vets etc look to me – just out of nappies! Sure it would scare you. Happily(?) thanks to the joys(?) of late vocations it’s not something I often have to worry about among our colleagues!

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