So just remind me how this fits together. Equality tells us that it is important that we should allow same sex couples to adopt and bring up children. But today we are being told that gun crime among teenage boys in London is due to the absence of fathers in their upbringing.


  1. Yes. I think the only reservation I have in response to those comments is that I think there is a difference between situations which one deliberately chooses to create – and those which simply happen and which people simply respond to

  2. There are ways for children to have positive role models of each gender without having two parents each of one gender. I think what is really needed is more postitive role models. I’m a child of divorce, and I think it is better for a child to have seperated parents than two parents who can not get along living under the same roof.

    I think that it really does take a village (or should I say parish) to raise a child.

    Have a blessed Ash Wednesday,

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