A Life in a Day

Well – Blogstead Episcopi has returned to its accustomed tranquillity after the latest of our social outings for clergy last night. The sound of community hymn singing has died away. The mistletoe hangs exhausted and neglected. The servants have restored the house to order and decency as befits a centre of ecclesiastical power.

Meanwhile you may be interested to know that Spice [Norfolk Terrier] returned last night and immediately presented his visiting card to Poppy [Brown Burmese]. She was definitely not at home.

Up in Aberdeen, today’s Episcopal Synod failed to elect a new bishop in succession to Bruce. It’s a sad moment for everybody involved – particularly for the candidates who have given all that they have and more to the process.

Tomorrow’s a nice ordinary day.  Visit to our congregation in Coupar Angus in the morning and then some family things in Edinburgh.  Then it’s an 8 am flight on Monday morning for a Colloqium in Stockholm on Same-sex Relationships.  Maybe I’ll get to meet Santa Claus?

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  1. You are more likely to meet Jul Tomten – the Christmas Elf in Sweden. Fr Christmas lives in Finland. You are even more likely to come back with a fondness for glögg och pepperkakor.

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