So what do you do?

Exciting day tomorrow.  Starting with the passing of the torch from Charmian to Sheila – the handing over of provincial leadership of the Mothers’ Union for the next three years.  That’s an important moment – I wouldn’t risk saying anything else – but MU is actually one of the significant bits of infrastructure which holds the church together.  And they do positive things in the community – last night I listened to Sheila Brewer of the Fife Contact Centre describing the role which MU had played in setting it up – and they work in the prison – and …

And then it’s on to Tarfside – which is somewhere up a glen beyond the mobile phone signal – to take part in the Diocesan Youth Weekend.  Given the age profile of some of our congregations, that really is important.  Should be easy for me – after all, I am a former Youth Officer for the Church of Ireland.  Except that my youngest child is now about 6 years older than these young people will be …  But I’ll do my best and I’m sure they will take pity on me.

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  1. You need to be about half-way back to Edzell before you get a signal again, as I discovered last time i was there!

    Being one of the rare, quaint beings who doesn’t possess a mobile phone, this only bothers me on very rare occasions… like a problem with the minibus half way back down the Glen!!

    Most teenagers take pity of my overt lack of street cred, and especially my lack of a mobile phone – it was the IT department at work who were stunned into silence the day we had no phones, and they were trying to get calls diverted to one of our mobiles. “But none of us who are in today have a mobile phone.” they were informed. Once they’d go over the shock, there was a muttering of “How quaint.”

    It is a brilliant place for a youth weekend and long walks.

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