Idolatrous self-interest – intriguing description of fear used by Katharine Jefferts Schori in the homily at her investiture/seating in Washington.  One can only wish her well and hope that she will be grace-full as she plays her part in the continuing and unfolding world Anglican drama.  These are times when it is easy to be anti-American and to hope that the mid-term elections will inject a much-needed dose of humility into the American body-politic.  But it’s not just an American disease – I’ve seen it too in the balance of power between the communities in Northern Ireland – particularly when I lived in Portadown which had an overwhelming protestant majority.  Why is it that those who – if might is right – should feel most secure in their power and identity seem most ready to indulge in fear-driven aggression?


  1. Don’t blame me either – I didn’t vote for the current President.

    I currently live in Texas (where the current President was not born) where our county just went a few more shades blue than even the Democrats expected. I was raised in western Oregon, which is often compared to various parts of the British Isles and lived for a long time in Portland – the best little European city in America. (Who else in the US has a fleet of Czech Rep. built streetcars not yet 5 years old running on tracks that didn’t exist last century?) So that might color my remarks. (unplanned pun)

    The GOP is out (except at the White House) and the Democrats are in. And about 1/2 of state governors are now Democrats. Furthermore, the presumptive Speaker of the House (a very powerful position, two heartbeats away from the presidency) is for the first time ever a woman. And we will have more women than ever before in both houses of Congress.

    Remember do not confuse those within the beltway (I-495 around DC)or those with the media megaphones (especially Fox News) with those of us in the rest of the country.

  2. Hello, Bishop. I’m a solitary nun living and working in the Diocese of Oklahoma (USA) and stumbled upon your blog by way of someone else who posted on today’s investiture of our new Presiding Bishop.

    You pose a very good question at the end of your posting. I don’t understand it either. For what it’s worth, I am horrified by what my government is doing these days and, I assure you, there are many, many Americans who feel the same way I do.

    I have lived in both Ireland and South Africa, by the way, and those experiences have given me great perspective. Yes, we in the US need to cultivate humility. I’m not optimistic in that regard, however.

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