What goes around ..

Went to Edinburgh to meet somebody today.  Arrived on time – just as he was arriving equally punctually at our office in Perth.  Fortunately we managed to meet at the half-way point on the return journey.  Good scones at Dobbies Nursery in Kinross.

And they were lifting potatoes in the dark on the way to Forfar tonight.  Amazing


  1. Yes – I agree with that. Internal church dialogue is becoming more like that – the sexuality debate is the prime example. Nobody asks the lady in the veil – or she doesn’t say – to what extent her feelings about belonging/not-belonging in this society shape her desire to wear the veil. It tends to come down to ‘My religion requires it – the Koran demands it …. And it tends to plug almost exclusively into the rights and freedom agendas – but that’s a rant for another day.

  2. I guess the last days’ blogs have been about how shallow communication is today. We’ve all swallowed the advertiser’s pill of quick needs-fulfilling gobbits. From parishes that don’t say what they really mean or want, to full veil statements of individuals, it is all boiled down,loudhailer stuff, and the result is little listening. It’s pandemic and independant of any faiths or none.

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