Celtic Bishops

Back in Ireland – in Co Cavan – one of the most depressed parts of the old Ireland.  I’m now in an extraordinarily posh hotel, built in the middle of nowhere, which is being used for a meeting of the Celtic Bishops – the anglican bishops of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  On one level that means ‘not the Church of England’.  But it also means that there is time to explore whether there are things which bind together the other nations of the British Isles – sense of humour; attitude to spirituality; or what?  Time will tell


  1. Ermm… I don’t know! (Put it this way I don’t like all of the Scottish Liturgy. 😉 I prefer 1929 & 1970.)

  2. I suppose we are talking about the anglo-celtic archipelago.

    Meantime, as to the prayer language … I find the Scottish liturgical material a bit flowery and over-written. It’s great the first time but, when something is being used over and over again, I prefer it to be a bit more sparse and economical. Maybe not very Celtic?

  3. Interesting!

    Do you think there’ll be any exploration of ‘celtic’ or non-Anglocentric prayer? I’ve always find the prayer language of Scotland and Ireland, and the music of Wales, so much more evocative than some English liturgy. Though, Cranmer still packs some punches!

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