Moving on

Interesting and encouraging day yesterday.  One of our Area Councils decided to have a shared Sunday morning service – always difficult to close the doors in the local church – in the beautiful worship space at Bryce Kirk in Kirkaldy.  It turned out to be, as I experienced it, one of those moments where people experience something very different.  It was bright, warm and encouraging.  And on to Dunblane for the Ordination of Giles to the Priesthood.  Another of those moments where I find myself a bystander at the commitment of a candidate and his family .. and wonder and admire.  Things do move steadily.  The things that move are usually nothing to do with anything which I do.  But that’s ministry and leadership.

Meanwhile the faithful Passat has a slight problem on the demisting front which leaves me travelling the diocese in a slight haze.  It needed water so I called in to a filling station in Dublane  – the very one where I got stuck in the snow drift while being interviewed by Sally Magnusson.  What goes around comes around …

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  1. Can’t help hoping that the Area Council Shared Eucharist might become an annual event, despite having to close our own church doors, which does very much go against the grain. Hope too David that you will decide to share your sermon yesterday with the parallel universe!

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