Angels on the Buses

Got my carbon pawprint down to a fairly light tread today. The secret is the fact that Megabus calls at the Park and Ride at the Broxden Roundabout on the outskirts of Perth – free parking, no messing with traffic and £6 return to Edinburgh. All went well on the outward journey. I unfurled the Brompton and was in the Office just over an hour after leaving Perth. On the way back, there was a major accident on the road out of Edinburgh – everything was diverted down the back road to Cramond – and it took 3 hours to get from Edinburgh to Perth. The charm was, of course, in the way in which a random group of people stuck on a bus began to become a community. The delightful 74 year old lady beside me – she doesn’t do Soduku, by the way, and I thought she looked young for her age – told me all about how she used to go to church and why she left and how she misses it. I hope she’ll come back. Behind us was a guy who was a psychiatric nurse in Dundee and across the aisle was a girl from Shetland with her young daughter who was bursting to go to the loo but the bus didn’t have one and neither did the one in front so she just had to cross her legs and pray hard. It was great – I wouldn’t have missed it.


  1. Stephen – yep, a real bargain, and one that I take advantage of when I can. But the Bishop of London says that going on cheap flights is “a sin”. Presumably because of the environment. But where does this stop? Eating out-of-season fruit and veg with lots of food miles to get them to the shop – perhaps that’s a sin too.

  2. If you can plan your visit to Edinburgh in advance, then Megabus comes in at £1 each way with a booking fee of 50p.

    But is seeking a simply ridiculously low price a “sin” I wonder. Even if it is only a bus.

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