Always on

I think I remember a time when everything went quiet in the time between Easter and Harvest – a sort of post-resurrection torpor in the life of the church.  But it’s not like that any more.  It seems just as busy in mid-summer as at any other time – but it’s been interesting.  Confirmation in Aberfoyle on Sunday with a congregation which then divided itself among three venues for lunch.  Then the opening Eucharist of the second of the Glenalmond Youth Weeks with a baptism and two confirmations.  Spent yesterday clearing my letters and E Mails backlog.  Today began with 7 am in Dundee for Thought for the Day where Jenny was standing in for Dot,  pushing buttons in the studio and hoping that everything would come to life.  Then breakfast in Tesco’s cafe – with the first Sudoku of the day – because I was going on across the Tay Bridge into Fife and the Bishop of London wouldn’t let me drive home in between – even tho’ the faithful Passat is a diesel miser.  And an interesting day visiting clergy in Fife in the sunshine.

Poppy, by the way, is now in Belfast.  She expects to have a brief holiday in Donegal at the end of the month but will not be returning to Perth until after I have preached at the 150th Anniversary of Mission to Seafarers in Belfast in October.


  1. I did once see somebody doing Thought for the Day on horseback which I was in the US It was very down-home and cowboy hat. Flurry K would do the same but in tweeds.

  2. Depending on when I hit the snooze button, my radio alarm springs into action just in time for thought for the day. I thought “I recognise those dulcet tones” and at that my husband said “Oh my!!! Thats Flurry Knox from the Irish RM. So there you go, another thought for the day 🙂

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