A moment of hope

Last night was one of those moments.  Down in Dollar, we celebrated a new ministry as Jeremy arrived with Christine and their two children.  As I’ve said before, I have been in ministry so long that I have lost any sense that I might be doing anything else.  But Jeremy and Christine could be doing other things – and they have chosen to do this.  And so last night was full of hope and expectation.  As well as the Dollar choir, there was the choir from St Peter’s, Lutton Place, in Edinburgh and the choir from the Parish Church.  Jeremy was welcomed into the area and the ecumenical gathering of clergy by Susie – a Southern Belle with a voice like a brace of barber-shop quartets – the local parish minister.  The Church of Scotland amazes me by its breadth.  We’ll come back to that another time.


  1. Just on the subject of vocation. I am a 25 year old barrister from Portadown. Married in 04, baby boy in 05, John. I have been growing in my interest in the faith since I was 18 but have largely lived for myself throughout. Recently I began to try and live out my faith and took communion for the first time at my local Presbyterian church a few months ago. The strange thing is, warts and all, I feel a call deeper into the Church. I cannot imagine that a very immature and flawed Christian could be called to the ordained ministry but I feel something all the same. Perhaps a few words on your own call and vocation might help.

    Thanks David.



  2. Dear David
    What a wonderful occasion – I think it must have broken all records for St James. A congregation of over 200 communicants – with 40 of us by necessity in a marquee in the garden listening to the service relayed from inside our Church.
    Fourteen months of Interregnum seemed a very long time – however we have received the gifts of patience and waiting quietly. We think the wait will have been well worth it.
    Thank you for the part you skilfully played last night
    Kind regards

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