A blast of a holiday

Great time in Donegal – relentless socialising left little time for the beach, etc. 

‘Slight smell of gas here’ said the nice man who was servicing the boiler.  Donegal convention places the gas cylinders in with the central heating boiler.  It was when the sweet potato and lemon grass soup flew across the kitchen later that evening that we realised that something just might be wrong.  A mighty explosion blew the door and roof off the boiler house.  Alison, of course, dived for the cat.  I went out the back to find flames coming through the roof of the boiler house. 

So I rang the Fire Brigade – speak to Dublin and then to Castlebar who send the apparatus from Falcarragh – it then gets lost.  Fortunately our neighbour Bob dived in and removed the gas cylinders before they caught fire and – once the gas had burnt off – the fire went out very rapidly.  And we hope no damage to the house itself.  We were fortunate.


  1. Glad you are ok. Maybe you should stay away from houses with boilers, at least for a while. 😉

    Sweet potato and lemon grass soup – sounds delicious. Can I get the recipe?

  2. Yes – it’s that great commission to spread middle class values across the world. As in, ‘Thy Kingdom stretch from sea to sea/’till all the world be C of E

  3. Oh dear David you are not having much luck with boilers are you. Your old house nearly went on fire too when you ran out of oil without switching off the boiler before you left 🙂

  4. Sweet potato and lemon grass soup? Ah Bishop, there’s the church for the common man!! Really glad you survived the gas explosion though – those episcopal election processes are torture.

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