Not forgotten – just completely unknown

The church is an amazing organisation. Sometimes it seems that churches don’t notice what is happening on their own doorstep .. and then out of a summer afternoon comes Bishop Stephen Than Myint Oo to share a meal with us. He is Bishop of Hpa-an in the Anglican Church of the Province of Myanmar – here because of the commitment of members of our congregation in Kirkaldy who have visited the camps of the refugee Karen people in Thailand. The story unfolds of the struggle of the Karen people over fifty years to achieve independence. Now ever more tightly squeezed by the Burmese government and the Chinese, they live between their homeland in Burma and the camps in Thailand. Bishop Stephen says that it means much to them to be members of the Anglican Communion … the feeling that other people in other places know about their plight and care about their suffering

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  1. I wish TEC (and other parts of the Anglican Communion) would focus more on stuff like what you have written here than on “church politics.”

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