Midnight Sun

It is extraordinary here at this time of year.  We’ve just driven back from Glasgow, arriving just after midnight.  There is still plenty of light in the western sky and it is just on the dark side of twilight.  I know that it gets light just after 3 am.  It’s been wet today but normally it is dry almost all the time.  The great field of barley outside our back door is already starting to turn golden.  Of course, the polytunnel is everywhere here because of the long tradition of growing soft fruit.  So unlike the climate in mid-Ulster where I could never be sure that I would have time to cut the grass when it wasn’t raining – and that it wouldn’t be raining when I had time to cut it.


  1. The rain it raineth all around
    Upon the just and unjust fellow
    But more upon the just,because
    The unjust hath the just’s umbrella

    This little poem comes from your old friend Morag McKenzie ex BBC Scotland Sunday Sequence presenter

  2. The Lord as you very well know – and to my great regret – sends his rain mostly on the just but only occasionally on the unjust. Read about it in Job.

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