It’s all been a bit hectic – getting back from Donegal on Thursday was one of those trips which seemed like a good idea at the time. We ended up on the Stena HSS at 10.30 pm with Poppy sitting in her carrying basket on the table in the lounge. I felt that she might have expected to be in a custom-made Louis Vuitton carrier on a Cunard liner. But you can’t have everything. We landed at 12.30 am and headed for Perth. Do you know that dawn began at 3.10 am?


  1. Well I suppose Poppy is faintly nocturnal. She may have missed the two owls which took off from hedgerows as we passed. As to being whisked back and forth … Alison assures me that she prefers to be with us – even to being in the Scone Palace Cattery. I think there is some truth in that. Her aristocat pedigree does mean that she is more people-centred and less territorial than a moggie. She certainly recognises and feels at home in our daughter’s apartment in Belfast as well as the Donegal cottage.

  2. Stephen you have reminded me of when I worked night shift in a hospital and got so excited over watching a fabulous dawn sky emerging that I managed to wake up nearly all the patients and then had to make them all toast and tea to keep them going till breakfast. The only fault was that the fire alarms went off with the toaster. Ive always maintained that fire alarms in hospitals are too sensitive to well done toast lol 🙂

    And David, does Poppy not object to being whisked to and fro over the sea all the time. My cat objects even going a few miles to the Vet. 🙂

  3. David
    “Dawn at 3.10” reminds me of the days when I did night shift as a nurse. At that time of night the ward was usually at it’s quietest. We sometimes would watch the dawn break through the big ward windows on the 5th floor. It was breathtaking some of the beautiful scenes we saw – it was like watching God use the sky as a canvas and that painting was so stunning that no earthly picture could ever match. It was really quite awesome.

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