Definitely in the details

Never left the house today – apart from going to Burrelton to get the papers so that I could look for a subject for my debut on Thought for the Day in the morning. I find Scotland a little difficult – so much less news than I am used to. But then, thankfully, there is no war going on either. And then E mails, letters and phone calls ad infinitum – 40 incoming E Mails today on subjects ranging from Perth to Myanmar. But at least, when they are all done, there is a certain feeling that the God of the details has been well served and everything is in everybody else’s in tray. The Voip phone is still not right – the WiFi connection to my study over a distance of about 10 feet isn’t all it should be. It improved a bit after we removed the brass tray which was leaning against the bureau in the hall but it is weaker than it should be. I can hear beautifully but the speaking is a bit intermittent – a good balance, don’t you think?


  1. Yes – reckon it was the pictures of John Noakes climbing Nelson’s Column in colour this week that did it for me. Thanks for the advice. Tim and I will test out the various options and report!

  2. I was thinking you could hardwire it into your mitre, but mostly the amplifiers sit on top of the computer. Using the cable (borrow one) will tell you whether its the WiFi or the VOIP bandwith as TIm suggests before spending money on extra or new hardware.

    Now Bleep and Booster – takes me back – that was Blue Peter with Val Singleton and Chris Trace in days when life was simpler, and all children wanted was a Blue Peter badge… 🙂

  3. Assuming it’s not some compression on the microphone that’s at fault, I suppose you could also try a Buffalo wifi base-station like the 125Mbit thing in the office whose signal scythes through everything in its path…
    Actually, some of these base-stations I’ve seen claim to operate in repeater mode, which might also be worth investigating.

    It’s unlikely to be the cause, but depending on what VoIP system you’re using, it might also be worth checking what upstream bandwidth you have (or who else is hogging it) when outgoing glitches happen.

  4. Re Wifi – Maplin and others do Wifi booster antennae which I use (a good MSI version) in my current large rectory. Rataining walls can be a nuisance even though only 10 feet. You could try a direct ethernet cable if the router is that near.

    Parishioner this morning called to say he was still awaiting results of his MFI scan at the hospital. Hope the flatpacks are still holding up for you 🙂

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