Catching up

Well I’m closer to catching up – a combination of the week of General Synod and a few days in Ireland.  But a happy birthday spent churning through some of the backlog of letters and other stuff has dealt with most of it now.  I can never decide whether it is better to just keep on top of it all the time or to take a break now and again.  Meanwhile, the rest of life moves on.  Alison has gone to a hen weekend and is presumably having a great time in Shrewsbury [yes – Shrewsbury] wearing a pair of rabbit ears.  So Poppy and I are back on the bridge.  She constantly wants to go out – but last time she disappeared totally into the corn field and I doubt if she would know her way back.  I don’t know whether they do periscopes for cats.  The world moves on in other ways too.  Ruth Gledhill’s blog reports the new Presiding Bishop of ECUSA as saying in a sermon, “Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation and we are his children.”  I must try that a few times and see if anybody notices.

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  1. ‘Jesus,our mother’ is hardly a new concept – Julian of Norwich said the same thing way back when. It’s just a pity it’s been highjacked by the feminists.

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