Wide open spaces

My diary this week is as spacious as it was crowded last week.  So I have managed a cycle for the second time this week.  Stopped off on my way home from Perth and unfurled the Brompton on the village green at Pitcairngreen, just north of the ring road.  From there it is about 8 miles to Bankfoot on Route 77 of the National Cycle Route – beautiful, undulating countryside and a cup of tea before the return.  One is reminded that the earth is not flat nor does every road have speed cameras on it.  My only paws for thought was the sign which reminded me that it is all lottery funded – is this, like Covent Garden Opera, another example of the pleasures of the [let’s not say] rich being paid for by the poor?  I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life and don’t intend to.


  1. Sorry about the clock. It’s on Irish time which is a fairly fluid concept. When Kelvin went off to be Provost of Glasgow, he took the keys with him and I don’t know how to change it. In terms of the lottery, I was trying to find an tactful way of saying, as was said in respect of lottery support for opera, that it could be accused of transferring resources from poor to rich. But, to be fair, cycling has always crossed all barriers in society and the National Cycle Network is a very good cause indeed!

  2. Ive just noticed that your Blog clock is an hour slow…ive just posted my comment at 12.15am and its showing up as 11.15pm. Just thought you might like to know that 🙂

  3. Did Poppy join you in your “paws for thought”? lol 🙂

  4. David,
    I hope you were not breaking the speeed limit on your bike !! Fully agree about lottery tickets- they seem to sponser some crazy projects although someone said if you were offered some lottery money for the church – would you accept?

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