Just another Sunday …?

Interesting day yesterday.  Eucharist with 2 adult baptisms in Burntisland – there is life and there is hope.  Brunch with the congregation and on to do a hospital visit in Sauchie.  An hour to spare – so unfurled the Brompton folding bicycle and headed off on the Round the Forth Cycle Route from Clackmannan under the Kincardine Bridge and on.  Not the most beautiful place but the roads are flat and there were lots of families out for a cycle.  Then a service with senior citizens in Alloa – a very lively group and members of the congregation well involved in ministry.  And home in time to shove the last of the boxes out of sight before baptising the new house with hospitality for the Cathedral Chapter.  And it was a beautiful day … the scenery on the way home through Glendevon and Gleneagles ….