Spring has finally arrived.  This morning I drove 20 miles across this amazingly beautiful countryside for Confirmation Service at Glenalmond College.  Confirmation as it was – a rite of passage for teenagers – is fading away.  We now call it ‘Affirmation of Baptismal Vows – commonly called Confirmation.  But in a school like Glenalmond it is still a ‘big moment’ – a gathering of parents, godparents and families.  It’s personal choice for the young people involved – but there is a strong feeling of ‘another milestone on the way to adult life.’  I enjoy the challenge of such a diverse grouping – there is quite a strong feeling in the air of ‘I know this is important but I am not quite sure why’  I was interested when one of the staff said to me that he found pupils increasingly asking questions and concerned about the ‘randomness’ of life – one might have expected that they, of all young people, might feel secure, confident, etc.