Time to go home ..

It’s that Andy Pandy moment again.  Still strange to go to Belfast Airport and take the flight home to Edinburgh.  But it’s time – and I’ll be back in Ireland on Thursday for the Installation of a friend as Dean of Armagh.  People ask, ‘How are you getting on?’.  Since the blog is much read in Ireland, many of them know the sanitized version which is on view here and I am in danger of believing it myself as a sort of alternative reality.  It is hard to explain how different something which is actually so similar can be.  Meantime Poppy is getting restless – after Stranraer, Belfast, Donegal and Belfast again.  She enjoyed meeting the sheep in Donegal but misses the deer and the buzzards of rural Perthshire.  She must be suffering the feline version of jet lag as I found her shouting at me at 5 am this morning.  All I can say on that front is that it takes a lot to wake me once asleep ….