Three Hours

Well that became a sort of milestone for me – never having done the full three hours before.  Once I got over my irrational fear of having no material left after an hour and a half – I was all right.  I suppose what is different is the fact of having such an enormous canvas to work on.  That does make it possible to do things – to create moods and to vary pace – in a way which is impossible within the everyday constraints of worship and preaching.  But, in my heart of hearts, I still prefer the broadcasting challenge of three minutes, no more, no less.  And if you can’t say it with economy  ……


  1. Thank you for your leadership during the worship yesterday, I found your sermons continually interesting and thought-provoking. What had a particular impact for me was your comments on the need to take up the cross and to follow a difficult and challenging path as christians.I also appreciated the opportunities for quiet reflection. I feel that sometimes having more time and space for worship helps in entering a contemplative state and freeing the mind from the usual distractions which so easily arise. Sarah

  2. I thought Friday was very good. The whole thing was packed with very meaty content. Thank you for giving me a lot to think about.

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