Very incarnational

One of the charming things about parish life was the people – let’s not say little old ladies – who thought I floated around on some sort of cloud.  If only …  The reality of life for most clergy and certainly for me is a wierd sort of crashing around between the sublime and the ridiculous – and not being quite sure which is which.  So, while I have done my best to do the sublime today, much of it has been pretty feet on the ground stuff.  Where is the estimate from Pickfords for moving house in 16 days time.  Will the central heating oil last?  Only if the weather warms up.  Why didn’t we make the holiday booking sooner before what we wanted was gone?  I’m realising I haven’t come back to you on my progress on driving with Pray-as-you-go on my MP3 player.  I think I need to revisit it.

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  1. Wierd, sublime, ridiculous? There is something quite wonderful about sitting here at the computer, with the sound of Cairo taxi horns and call to prayer from the local Mosque, whilst reading comments posted by old friends. The world is not such a big place, and our church family stretches far and wide.

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