Travel light

These are the moments [3 days to moving] when the injunction to travel light on the Christian pilgrimage sounds a bit hollow.  So it’s flatpack furniture erected.  Curtain rails straight, level, centred ..   Why is it that, however hard you try, they are never quite right?  At least the books never got unpacked from the last move – along with many of our other bits and pieces.  So we are looking forward to meeting some old friends again.  Do I move the clutter on my desk as it is .. or shove the stuff in the drawers …   At least the weather is dry.  The place will be a sea of mud if it rains.  Travel light in wellington boots.

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  1. David ,
    Good luck with the move.You know it is next in stress levels to a close family death.So take it easy.
    Catherine & Arthur (Dixon)

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