So what do you do all day?

This has been one of those days when one wonders.  I’ve driven 270 miles … big carbon footprints all over the planet.  I’ve managed two meetings – one about homes for the elderly and the other about the Mission to Seafarers.  And at 9 pm I ended up in Ikea in Glasgow [this is a recurrent theme] attempting to change the 60 cm sliding kitchen shelves for 50 cm – all part of the struggle to move house in three weeks.  One of the great blessings of a secular society – I can walk around the returns section of Ikea dressed as a bishop and people either don’t notice or kindly assume that that’s what suits me today.


  1. I was once in Glasgow city centre with a predecessor of yours, after the RCC reception. He was wearing his purple cassock etc. A very drunk man swayed up to him, stood nose-to-nose and slurred “Y’all righ’, faither?”
    I guess that, drunk or no, he got the message.

  2. Needs to be a bit longer if it is to be considered a narrative of genuine saga proportions! Interesting musing nevertheless. Jimsiephile

  3. I’ve encountered at least one minister who’s worn collar, jeans and cowboy-boots before now. Not that this is a formal recommendation 😉

  4. Given that most bishops in Scotland wear black from top to toe it’s sad to have to report to you Bishop David that IKEA Man or Woman either assumes you are a Church of Scotland Chaplain to the Queen (it’s that rather, if I may say so, evangelical shade of purple shirt you’ve taken to wearing I’m afraid – something a little brighter or indeed black might be better! More likely of course, is that they haven’t got a clue what a bishop, let alone an Episcopalian one, is.

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