Well, I suppose the most important thing is that Poppy is instantly and totally at ease in her new surroundings.  This is unlike our previous move where she howled without ceasing for three months and I had to keep explaining to people on the phone that we were not living in a safari park.  Otherwise our move went as smoothly as Damian and his team from Pickfords could achieve.  The exciting bit was in the need to get the conveyancing process completed before we moved into the house.   As the furniture vans set out for the new house, I was on the phone standing in the garden and we were still trying to get it sorted out.  Thank you to everyone who got the process to the finishing line just in time.  So now we just have to deal with a sort of Berlin Wall of boxes – I shall keep you posted on the reducing balance.  And the spirituality of all this?   Certainly it felt a bit like living in the ‘in between time’.  To travel lighter would have been helpful.  And a touch of Kipling’s ‘If you can keep your head …’ was around there somewhere.


  1. Something to be said for having only a tent and a camel or two – but maybe not in this climate!

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