Pray as you Go

So the next thing is to see how I get on with the Jesuit Media trial podcast download of ‘Pray as you Go’ – daily prayer for your MP3 player. I assume that this is about encouraging me to pray better – not that my MP3 player says its prayers or that I pray for it. It should work well now that I have the MP3 player set up to work in the car.  I did once attempt to learn Italian by using tapes in the car but it got dangerous when I had to wave my arms around to do the accent. This should be all right unless I close my eyes. I’ll let you know how I get on.


  1. Thanks. Yes I think it is very good. I like anything that keeps ‘coming at me’ and pushing the discipline of daily prayer onto me. I have long been a fan of Oremus for that reason. I tried Pray as you Go on the MP3 player in the car – but, in reality, it is probably best when the MP3 player does what it does best – allows you to escape into a separate world.

  2. My husband and I have been listening to your daily meditations and have been incredibly blessed! We’ve shared them with friends when we ‘ve gathered either socially or for a church group and the response has been enthuisiastic. We belong to a Mennonite church here in British Columbia and we’re hoping this program will continue after the Lenten season. One suggestion -is it possible to display the Scriptural reference so that we can go back during the day to read it. Thank you for this work – blessings to you.

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