For better for Worse

As so often in my work a day of contrasts – beginning in London and ending up at the Introduction of a new Priest in Charge in the congregations of Elie and Pittenweem. These are beautiful little coastal villages in the East Neuk area of Fife.

Jim, their new Priest, was born in Fife and has spent most of his ministry in America. The congregations have had good times and bad times but are full of hope that this marks the start of a new and positive chapter in their life. As always I felt how like a wedding these services are. The life of this priest and that congregation come together at the intersection of vocation and mutual need. They make huge commitments to shared life and work in an open future. Friends and family, the diocese, are there to support them as they make the commitment. And then we all tiptoe away … leaving them to learn to live and work together.

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  1. an appropriate sermon as we at St.james try to find a new rector – we look forward to the day when our new rector is installed, and hope you will be there ? very moving.

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