Body and Soul

After my wistful ‘not cycling’ of yesterday, today was even worse.  I added another bit of ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ stuff to our discussion of future meetings of clergy.  More wistfulness.  Maybe we could sing, or do relaxation or be holistic in some way.  I began to reminisce about the period when the whole of Northern Ireland seemed obsessed with step aerobics.  ‘I don’t do Pilates’ said a voice.  And it was over as soon as it had begun.


  1. This caused me amusement, from Croydon Parish Church’s announcements sheet:

    7pm: Line-dancing
    8pm: service of healing


  2. Sounds like a very fortuitous escape to me – especially when you hear of so many middle-aged and older men who take up jogging and other forms of torture and then die instantaneously of a heart attack. There are just too many good golf courses in Scotland for all this Pontius Pilates stuff!

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