I’m glad you asked that question ….

I spent the first half of today with an inter-faith group of leaders meeting at Broughton High School in Edinburgh – all with the help of Inter-Faith Scotland.

Meetings like this are always full of warmth and good will – but we are never quite sure what we are talking about or how to talk about it. And none the worse for that. But it really got interesting when a group of pupils came in ‘to ask us some questions’

I do have an underlying rule of life – which is that it is wise never to get trapped into competing in a Bible Quiz with the Girls’ Brigade. But this was really interesting. And if we had had more time before the bell rang, it would have been better still.

Starter for 10
‘What is the meaning of life?’

So we did our best. We talked about happiness … about values and the true riches. And when we got stuck, we turned the questions back on the pupils as a way of gaining time to think. I thought they were great – and the best thing about them was their obvious and infectious enthusiasm for the idea that it was good to sit around a table and struggle with life and faith questions.

Maybe if any of them drop in here, we might continue the conversation. It would be a bit like playing chess on the internet – you get a bit of time to think between moves!

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