Light, Warmth and IPads

It was good to be in St Andrew’s Church in St Andrews this morning. Like Moses heading for the Promised Land, the Rector, David Wilson, is leading his people towards a place of light and warmth – they are almost ready to turn on the new lighting system which will make the church bright but will also allow all sorts of variations of mood and atmosphere. And it will be very energy-saving and green. The new heating system is already in operation and the church was warm – the recent cold winters have been a considerable trial for the congregation.

They’ve been making progress too with Casting the Net. Why wouldn’t they when the suggestion of the name came from Richard Evans, one of the clergy team and the organist? I played around a bit with ideas of form and function – whether in congregations or IPads. I also hinted at what has been our experience with Mission Action Planning across the diocese. Sometimes it seems to make things easier. But sometimes it makes them harder because it challenges ‘how things are’ and encourages clergy and people to reassess all sorts of things – expections about relationships and leadership. When that happens, it seems to me that Casting the Net is fulfilling its purpose and function.

And this is [roughly] what I said

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