Dream Ticket

Today has been training for being a Bible Study Group leader.  So we did a ‘dry run’ with a group of bishops all trying hard not to say the obvious thing about the passage we were studying.  The contacts are fascinating.
Bible Study is 75 minutes most mornings for the next two weeks – so this is a big slice of the way in which we hope to get to know one another.  I got a quick look at the composition of the group that I am expected to facilitate.  It confirmed my worst fears. No – my worst fears would be a bunch of academics.  Just my second-worst fears.

Anyway, I fell to thinking about the compostion of my ideal Bible Study Group.  Martin Luther King, I think.  St Patrick, of course, Tutu, Bonhoeffer ..

They’ve announced a friendly meeting for episcopal bloggers tomorrow.  Maybe ‘they’ have something to say to us.  But it will be good to meet.

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4 Responses to Dream Ticket

  1. chris says:

    To think it’s only two years since I was told blogging would never take on in church circles …

  2. Doug Aitken says:

    I saw a photo of the blogging workshop or something, didn’t see you but I think I spotted Dave Walker.

  3. I’d add St. Paul to the list of “ideal Bible Study Group” members. After-all, who better (other than God) to explain a large chunk of the New Testament than he who wrote all those epistles in the first place!

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