Placebo Effect?

You may have noticed that my blog on Holloway Pills stirred some comment – particularly from Noel Heather, recently retired from Royal Holloway.  He says that its founder, Thomas Holloway, was the originator of the Holloway Pills and that the College was therefore built on the proceeds of placebo medicines.

I pondered this as I heaved my various bits of episcopal bling through the security scanner at Edinburgh Airport yesterday.  This stirred some questions from the person behind me in the queue about what had happened to +Richard Holloway.  ‘I read his books and they made me think seriously about Christianity’   Not so placebo after all, methinks.

Bit of a milestone being back in Portadown today for Gemma and Al’s wedding and I was glad to be able to do it.  Gemma lived with our Anna in Belfast for four years so it was sort of family.  Interesting to be back in Seagoe for the first time and to be at home but not at the same time!

Naturally I took time to get various bits of personal maintenance done at the same time.  Another trip to McMahon’s shop to buy a suit – some more ‘easing’ of the trousers was called for.  Got my watch fixed at Campbell the Jeweller behind St Mark’s Church after it stopped as I stepped off the plane in Bangkok.  Had a haircut at Encanto – short on the cutting but long on chat – with my favourite hairdresser Michael who comes from Dundee.  Also answered various detailed questions from local blog readers … including ‘What is the current mileage of the Faithful Passat’  To which the answer is – it will pass 160000 on the way home from the airport.  The oil pressure warning light did come on on Thursday but, since I carry a spare everything in the back, that was easily dealt with.

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