My attitude to computers and all their works is similar to my attitude to Volkswagens.  So long as they keep working, that’s fine.  But don’t ask me to know what lies under the bonnet.  I wish I could find the time and the resolve to learn my way around WordPress so that I could show you a picture of Poppy.  But since it took me about six months to find out even where the instructions were, it may have to wait a while.  More urgent is the need to get to grips with Plone which is the engine room of the renewed diocesan website which we are working on.  So geek-in-chief Tim will be glad to know that I have spent part of today touring the ‘Teach yourself Plone’ websites and that I now know how to open the bonnet.  It’s not that it isn’t intuitive.  It just isn’t intuitive for me.  But I’ll get there.

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