Strong men, etc., etc.

Another sign of changing times.  Tiger Woods exercises iron [sic] control over 72 holes and then dissolves into tears as he experiences grief for his lost father – and commiserates with the runner-up on the death of his mother.  Particularly strange when he is surrounded by the de-humanising entourage which accompanies the super-star wherever he goes.  I suppose it tells us two things.  It’s no longer taken as read that ‘big boys don’t cry’ – and there is a holistic understanding which recognises that everything affects everything else.  So it’s too simple just to say, ‘Get out there and do the job’

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2 Responses to Strong men, etc., etc.

  1. steven mcquitty says:

    A very interesting comment David. I saw the Tiger’s reaction – it was very moving. I can also relate to what you are saying. A new baby, sleep deprivation, colic etc…have reduced me to a quivering wreck at least twice. Grace arrived though in the form of my mother to give a valuable couple of hours respite. Being a modern man is tough!


  2. Adrienne Campbell (no relation to David!) says:

    I too was moved by Tiger Woods’ reaction. To me it is a measure and reminder, however retrospectively, of the ways in which parents the world over encourage and assist children in their interests and pursuit of success, as much as it is a reminder of the deep bond which exists between child (however old) and parent, the importance of that bond with its associated pride and happiness, and – regardless of our beliefs – the finality of death.

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